Monday, November 9, 2009

Slaves of Labour....

Indeed we all are....but yesterday we managed to do some test recordings with the song Liberty. Equipped with his old Tama Starclass performer kit, Sabian AAX cymbals and brand new EC2's and ONYX skins Efraim smashed the living hell out of the cans, and there was much rejoice. We aim to use real drums (as opposed to e-kit) this time around to get that raw live-feel we all love. All good for now, back to work...



  1. Nice nice! Smash those drums efraim! :D

  2. hey! I like that T-shirt!

    is it on stores?

  3. They are too busy Kim, can't really blame them ;(

  4. Yeah, yeah... But we're few here commenting the topics, 1 minute to the real fans dont kill anyone :)

    But...If they are too busy, shurely I understand.

  5. Men öka takten för helvete! En månad sen senaste updaten! ;)


  6. Tycker samma sak sara! ;D Ge oss lite updates!