Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Persuading Year!!!

Hey everybody.

After a short break for the yearly holidays we´re back in recording mode again. Though a slight setback is that I have to re-record a great deal of the gits but other than that things are rolling pretty good.

Contact with various labels has been made and discussions are being held so hopefully the album will still be released within a reasonable amount of time.

Some of the songs are more or less finished (except for the re-recording stuff) so some clips shall be uploaded soon.

Cheers /Emilio


  1. As always, I love u guys! GREAT WORK! GREAT TO HEAR NEWS! This made my day! definitly!

  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah...
    Let me calculate how much is "reasonable amount of time"

    More one year?
    Ok, Ok I wait.
    I going crazy waiting for these clips.