Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ship Ohoy...

So we are fastly moving forward. We are at the moment concentrating on finishing up everything on three new songs to present to labels. And of course, some new clips for YOU as well.

Today I sat down with Ronnie from EAP (Enhanced Audio Productions) and we did some rough mix-settings and I think without a doubt this will be the hardest-sounding Persuader album so far.

Check out the website early next week for some more clips from the album.

A weekend full of git-recording and vocal work is planned...



  1. NICE!!!

    I wish we can hear one of this three songs before we can buy the CD.

    I guess all that comment here check the site all day, like me. So this weekend will be happy!

    Thanks Persuader, keep working.

  2. Lookin forward to some new clips next week. I will be amazed with this record if you can improve on WEB one of the FINEST albums ever....

  3. WEB is a epic album, if they can improve it, OMG they are gods!

  4. HELLLLLLL YEAHHHHHHH Just keep on goin! The swedish metal gods! I adore you guys, because you show the pure metal of sweden! :D Something for us to be proud of! Not like hammerfall..

    Cheerz! and as maximuskim said:
    Thanks persuader, keep working! We love you!