Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey yo

Hey guys and gals! Since the gig we´ve been putting together and recording more songs of course and right now we´re waiting for our awesome, but busy singer to free up some time for a vocal session or two. This is a short clip from "Quadkill"... wich may or may not change name for the album. =)


I have some more videomaterial that I´m trying to edit at the moment as well...

I know this recording is among the most prolonged ones in the history... but we´re doing the best we can so bear with us.


  1. You guys are awsome, but only 15 seconds? we need more!!!

  2. Hell yeah, finally "some" teasers and stuff! Love ya!

  3. Now I have sure... They wanna kill us before they release the album... Noooooo :(
    give more give more :D